E0000: Access to the path is denied.

I get this when I try to run my app: Workout App V2: E0000: Access to the path 'C:\Users\Fahad\Desktop\App\Workout\Pages\MainView\WorkoutsList' is denied.

It was working fine the suddenly this. This is the only clue I get, not sure how to approach fixing it.

Hi, it could be that another process is locking the file. In that case logging out and in again would help.

Hey I figured it out,

Turns out I had: <ux:Include File="" /> with no path in a file in the folder mentioned in the error.

I had accidently stopped working midway through a session, and have been on holiday so I forgot all about this.

I still think the error should be improved, took way too long to figure it out, I’ve been messing around with permissions all day.


Ah, nice one figuring it out. I’m making a ticket to improve that error now. Thanks for the report!