fuse preview -t=android gives access denied errors

After a fresh install (0.5.3127) the preview complains with errors like these. User is admin on the machine.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Fuse\Simulator\Outracks.Simulator.Client\Outracks.Simulat or.Client.Uno.unoproj(1,1): Warning WUNKNOWN: Unable to save cache: Access to th e path ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Fuse\Simulator\Outracks.Simulator.Client.cache\U XL4\logger.cpp-57301d52’ is denied.

NB a preview (local) also gives these errors but does launch a preview window.


Thanks for reporting. These are warnings, not errors and should not be a blocker. (Please let us know if they are!) We will get rid of them in a near future version :slight_smile:

Could it explain why a save of a file does not trigger a previw update?

No, this didn’t have any effects like that (and the warnings are now fixed). However: right now only changes to UX files trigger preview update. File-watching for .js files and assets will come soon.