Drag Horizontaly

How to drag a rectangle only horizontaly and only to right?


Could you explain your use-case in more detail please?

Hi Kristian,

I’m trying to make a edge drag navigation, like every iOS app does, drag the edge right to go back, using the new routing system. But I thing this is not possible right now.

Instead of using a navigator i’ll create a panel and move the X axis to one, and move back simulating the navigation, and drag the edge of this panel to “go back”.

please tell me if I’m not clear.


Hi Kristian Hasselknippe,

I Made it, take a look at:


but even working, still has a small error.

Fuse actually has a component for exactly this case: https://www.fusetools.com/docs/fuse/controls/edgenavigator

Did you look at it already?

Here is a short example of how to use it:

        <Panel Edge="Left">
            content of edge panel here
            you main content here