How to i create a side panel that slides out

i want to make a panel that slides out the left side when a button is pressed on the top right so that the user can navigate to a different page. if anyone can provide an example i would be immensly thankful.

Hi there! Sorry for the delay. Here is a short example for you.

<App Theme="Basic">
    <EdgeNavigator HitTestMode="LocalBoundsAndChildren" ux:Name="navigator">
        <!-- Add a panel handled by the EdgeNavigator -->
        <Panel Width="150" EdgeNavigation.Edge="Left" ux:Name="menu">
                <SolidColor Color="#f00" />

        <!-- The main content -->
                <Button Text="Side menu" Height="50" Alignment="Top">
                        <Set Target="navigator.Active" Value="menu"/>
                <TextBlock TextColor="#fff" Alignment="Center">
                    This is an example of EdgeNavigator!

We are working on a more comprehensive example about this topic.