Sidebar navigation going under NativeViewHost

Hi Fuse,
I am a beginner and i wrote a small sidebar navigation. But when i use NativeViewHost to insert a map, sidebar will go under map. But i was able to fix it using below code. But it will only work in iOS device and android device will have the same problem. Anyone can help me with this?

<EdgeNavigator HitTestMode="LocalBoundsAndChildren" ux:Class="nav">
        <Panel Width="200" EdgeNavigation.Edge="Left" Background="#f63">
    <MapView Latitude="59.911567" Longitude="10.741030" Zoom="10">
        <MapMarker Latitude="59.911567" Longitude="10.741030" Label="Fuse HQ"/>

Hi Pasindu,

there is a known issue on Android that a MapView would greedily consume all clicks that happen on top of it. That basically renders the edge-pulling gesture ineffective, but the edge panel itself would get rendered on top of the map as expected (on Android, too).

Sadly there is no known workaround for this currently, but I have now linked this forum post to the internal issue and you’ll get notified when that is fixed.

Thanks a lot uldis mate… hope you people fix this as you always do… waiting for your fix… thanks again…