Does FUSE make a stand-alone app? That runs without a host?


So far, everything I’ve seen with fuse has been amazing… There is ONE major thing that concerns me.

I’ve done I phone development in C# and objective C in the past, and although, I’ve been away from it for nearly a year now this seems to have changed.

Specifically, the instant updates. I understand that you are using Javascript and text files that determine the way the UI runs, but if I’m running in the simulator, I should be able to stop everything (Xcode, FUSE, etc), and run my installed application and have it work.

I’m getting a message “Failed to connect” - this indicates to me that the “app” that I have installed is just a remote rendering engine/UI and I won’t be able to build/deploy this to an iPhone (or Andriod) without the app having an internet connection - and without it coming up with a message about connecting to the host!

If this is correct, the whole thing just became useless to me. I’m not going to deploy an internet only application, and I’d need it to say something much nicer than it is when it is loading or has an error.

Please advise.

Fuse does indeed make stand-alone apps. :slight_smile:

Use fuse build -t=android and fuse build -t=ios for regular builds instead of preview mode.

You can read more about the two different modes here: