Failed to building on Xcode

After downloading fuse, mono and my mac is up-to-date with the lastest software and everything. Now when i try to preview option from fuse, takes me to xcode. Then i connect my iphone 5s. I click run and i keep getting "Could not launch. Process Launch failed: security. " I click on the app it creates on my iphone and it says, “untrusted developer” Can allow using these apps in setting but i don’t know where or what to do to make it work.

Hi, does this also happen if you try to make a full export of your app? fuse build --target=ios --debug or “Build with Fuse - iOS build and run” from Sublime.

The Errors are the same. The xcode can’t launch it because of security and the app created on my iphone doesn’t work because of its untrusted developer.