Docs or feature to allow me to have multiple Fuse versions installed

Fuse 0.30 contains a rendering bug that makes it broken for my app, but it fixes a logging bug in Fuse 0.29 so when I develop features that aren’t affected by the 0.30 rendering bug I want to build my app using 0.30. But when I create an app for testing I want to use 0.29. Having to reinstall and do uno clean is a hassle and takes a couple of minutes each time. Would be nice to have separate build folders and separate executables that I could use to easily switch. I think this will be even more important in the future when you are shipping new versions and one needs to switch betweeen Fuse “Beta” and Fues “stable”.

Can this be done?

This should be doable, but it’s not officially supported atm. We could try to give you a workaround though, are you on OS X or Windows?

That would be awesome! I am on macOS 10.11.6

Hey Sebastian, sorry that this took some time. Here’s an unofficial guide to keeping two Fuse versions installed

Thanks! I’ll look at this and let you know how it works out for me!