debug_log from javascript?

Noob here. I tried to look this up here at the forums and guides/examples, probably to obvious/simple;

Where do these debug_log messages (javascript ones) actually go? I see them in javascript-examples, and even though I’m not a javascript-coder, I am familiar with tracing/logging in various browser-consoles…but I can´t seem to find corresponding functionality in fuse/sublime.

Fuse installed on PC, Windows 8.1.


This depends on the platform. In desktop they appear in a console window. On Android they go in logcat. You can go into the .build folder and find a log.bat or which gives you the output. On iOS, debug_log goes to the output window in Xcode.

We apologize for the currently quite messy state of this. We are working on new tool windows that will collect all output/diagnostic messages from your Fuse projects and display it in a easy to use manner. Thansk for your patience :slight_smile:

Thanx for the swift reply. No worries…it´s totally understandable being beta and all! For now I preview through commandline/-prompt, and then I can see the debug_logs in there.