How to debug while developing

Hi! I love your work with Fuse Tools and I’m a beginner and still learning JavaScript and app making :slight_smile:

Anyone know if it’s possible to debug with for instance console.log(); JavaScript method inside the JavaScript tag in my Fuse and see the result like like I do in Chrome Developer Tool? I’m in a state where I want to check exactly what my variables contains all the time.

  1. Debugging docs

  2. Using

debug_log("String values");

then start app

fuse preview


debug_log - No results were found that matched your search.


Welcome :slight_smile: Did you see the Debugging chapter in our documentation?

Edit: I see I was too slow!

Hi, people. Thanks for your answer. I didn’t know this tutorial existed. Thanks a lot, that saved me a lot of work.

Back to coding :slight_smile: