concatenate strings fail on auto reload

Fuse Studio version 1.0.1 build 13566 fails to auto reload any UX expression when the non Observable part is changed, please see the example code below:

PS: rebuilding the preview again refreshes the expression, so I don’t know this is a bug or really the way it works

	var Observable = require('FuseJS/Observable');
	exports.userID = Observable(17);
		<Panel Width="100%" Height="50" Alignment="Center">
			<!-- Change id to to something else and hit save to auto reload, then check preview again -->
			<Text Value="id: {userID}" Alignment="Center"/>

Hi, and thanks for reporting!

This is supposed to work, so it’s a bug.

Does clicking Preview->Refresh work or do you need to do a full rebuild for the correct change to happen?

Hi Lorents,

just noticed that Refresh is indeed working
and concerning the auto reload:
if just the non-Observable part is changed it doesn’t refresh
but if the Observable value changes, the preview updates the whole expression when saving in sublime

Hope it helps on debugging :wink: