Company name confusing

I’m becoming a fan of the company and I wanted to communicate the that name of ‘fuse’ is confusing because there is already a TV network and a JBoss Fuse product so it’s hard to find jobs doing fuse and questions/answers on

I really want you guys to succeed and perhaps the company name needs more distinction.


It’s really hard to find fuse(tools). We looked for a good mobile framework for months, never found anything about fuse. We found fuse through a blogarticle and to find more about it via google: tried to google “fuse” - didnt found anything related - tried “fuse framework” - still nothing. Luckily there was a direct link in the blogarticle

So the visibility of fuse is very low when you look for a mobile framework, because of the general name “fuse” imho

Hi Daniel,

Sorry to hear it was difficult for you to find our web page — that’s obviously not something we want people to experience. We’ve worked hard to make sure we’re easy to find, and the following Google searches yields as the number one hit:

fuse mobile
fuse framework
fuse app
fuse cross platform
fuse ios
fuse android

…and more. It’s strange that you didn’t find us using fuse framework as it’s one of the SEO optimized keyword combinations, and Google Webmaster Tools reports that it leads directly to us as well.