"Common language runtime detected an invalid program"

I tried to output some InputText.Value in the console…

The Local-Preview always crashes with this Error, after ~0-2seconds:

Here’s the complete project: *.ux

<App Theme="Basic" ClearColor="#eeeeeeff">
      <JavaScript File="MainView.js"/>
      <StatusBarBackground DockPanel.Dock="Top" />
      <ScrollViewer ClipToBounds="true">
              <Slider />
              <Button Text="Button" Clicked="{bt_clicked}"/>
              <TextInput Value="{whatever}"/>
              <Switch Alignment="Left" />

the *.js file:

  var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
  var whatever = Observable("whatever");

  function bt_clicked(){

  module.exports = {

Thanks for reporting.

This is a bug in the Jurassic JavaScript VM Fuse uses on desktop. We are in the process of switching it out with Google V8, which should behave much better.

In our experience, this problem only happens in rare cases. Small changes to your JS code should avoid triggering the bug. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Preview on device or emulator should not have the same issues.