Local Server Crashes


trying to console.log() some data from JSON. When I misstype server is crashing, restarting doesn’t solve until I correct the javascript. This is expected I guess for now. Espacially on windows where we have limitted debuging features I guess.

But it became unstable. Even with clean code server never boots up. It stucks on loading. So i tried to delete local build directory,which doesn’t solve anything. So I did uninstall-install. It solved the problem and server bootup time increased. However, still experimenting around, I found that with the same code, server sometimes bootup and sometimes crashes. If it crashes it continues to crash. Well… Maybe it’s something with my code. So I write some critical part of the code.

var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");

var list = Observable(
    {name: "server okina", address: "germany", state: "1"}, 
    {name: "server jack", address: "greece", state: "0"}, 
    {name: "server roro", address: "spain", state: "1"});


    <Each Items="{list}">
        <DockPanel >
                <Button Text="{name}" Height="100%" />
                <Callback Handler="{get_info}" />
            </WhileActive>        </DockPanel>

By “local server” you mean the local preview in general, right?

As for your code specifically, it looks alright to me. It may be a typo or something in another part of your code, or general instability.

We’ve had a fair number of similar reports regarding instability of local preview when things go wrong, not wanting to reload etc. In the next couple of Fuse releases, this should stabilize quite a bit.