Basic Switch Bug

        var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");

        var test = Observable(false);
        module.exports = {
            test: test,

        <StackPanel Alignment="Center">
            <Text Value="{test}" TextAlignment="Center" Dock="Top" />
            <Basic.Switch Value="{test}" Alignment="Center" Dock="Top" />

  • If you bind the <Basic.Switch> to an observable boolean and switch it twice, then it crashes.
  • If you do this with a regular <Switch> then there’s no problem


I’m unable to reproduce this bug. Your example works fine here. Please provide a complete test project + steps to reproduce.

I’ve reported this to @Vegard (on slack) a while back, there might be an internal ticket for this already. If you slide it it keeps working, its when you tap it over and over.

This is all you need to reproduce the error:

  <Basic.Switch />


Thanks for reporting. This issue has been fixed in fuse 0.27 :slight_smile:

Works in new update, cheers