Changing UserScroll on ScrollView using <Change> directive in animation not working as expected

I want to deactivate UserScroll on a scroll view when I switch between pages in a PageControl. I can change the ScrollPosition but UserScroll isn’t affected. What am I doing wrong?

<ScrollView ux:Name="mainScrollView">
        <Page HitTestMode="LocalBoundsAndChildren">
                <Change mainScrollView.ScrollPosition="0" />
                <Change mainScrollView.UserScroll="false" />

Strange. I’ve done some additional tests and it seems like the value of UserScroll can’t be dynamically changed at all. (For instance: if you use a WhileActive + Change to change the property in the first page then that’ll work, but you won’t be able to change it to anything else afterwards).

I’ve made a ticket for this.

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. Your solution might actually work in my case. Will try it for now.

There is a defect it seems, but why do you want to do this? Why it’s the ScrollView just on the first page if that’s all you want to be scrollable?

I want to have several pages so you can swipe your way to settings, where scrolling is disabled. Then when you swipe back to the first page you come to the main feed which is scrollable. I also want a panorama background image that does a slight parallax scroll on swipes (which works fine) but scrolls vertically “inline” in the feed. Otherwise I guess I could have put the scrollview in the first page.

Tried your suggestion

    <Change mainScrollView.UserScroll="true" />

on the first page, but it activated it on all pages. Appears that the first page overrides the WhileeActive directive on all pages.

I don’t completely understand your use-case, but I fixed UserScroll to propery update. This didn’t make the current QA release, but will be in the following one.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll keep an eye out when the release after next arrives.

Hi edA-qa mort-ora-y,

This bug still seems to be present for the most recent update.

UserScroll still doesn’t update properly for some reason.