Can you disable swipe on just one page?

Let’s say there are 2 pages: Home and Settings. The user can swipe left on the Home page to get to the Settings page. Is it possible to make it so that:

Once on the Settings page, the user must click a button to get back Home (either “Cancel” or “Save”)?

I’ve tried modifying the “page-control” example, and setting Interaction=“None”, but individual Pages don’t have that property (only PageControl). Setting HitTestMode=“None” and IsEnabled=“false” didn’t seem to make any difference.

One option is to wrap the Settings page in a PageControl, add a router and use Javascript to router.goto. But is that the best way?

In the Settings Page use WhileActive to Change the PageControl's Interaction="None":

<PageControl ux:Name="pControl">
  <Page ux:Name="home">...</Page>
  <Page ux:Name="settings">
      <Change Target="pControl.Interaction" Value="None" />

@Edwin Reynoso - Thanks! I should have thought of that…