Change property as Entering/ExitingAnimation progresses

I have a <PageControl> which has a bunch of pages in it, and each page has a <Text ux:Name="title" Opacity="1" />

I want it so that as I swipe the page left or right the title fades out relative to how much I’ve swiped, how do I do this?


      <Change Target="title.Opacity" Value="0" />
    <Text ux:Name="title" Opacity="1" />

This should work, but I think you may want the values switched instead of changing from 1 to 0, from 0-1


Thanks that worked, can I make it happen faster? So that by the time I’ve only swiped 1/4 of the way the “title” is made invisible?


this should work:

<Change Target="title.Opacity" Value="0" Duration="0.5" Delay="1" />

So the animation should happen for 0.5 seconds but after a second.

That worked! Thanks @Edwin