CameraView and Pro Subscription

I realize this is a long shot and it’s not meant as a critique of Fuse, but would you consider making the CameraView feature part of the base plan? I’ve created a number of apps, none of which has made a lot of money (still hoping!), one of them uses the camera view for hiking and identifying surrounding mountain peaks. However, the app doesn’t even make $125/mo (the cost of the Pro plan) so to convert this app to Fuse, which looks like a better cross-platform environment than the one I’m currently using doesn’t work for me. Again, this is not a criticism and Fuse needs a business model that keeps it in business. I get that. I also have to consider what will keep me in business! Thank you for considering this.
Sincerely, Keith

Thanks for the input, Keith!

You are not alone in wishing the CameraView component was a part of a less restrictive package. I’ve passed your feedback on to the product team, and while I am in no position to promise any changes to pricing, I do promise to get back to you if and when there are any updates.

Understood, and thank you for the quick response! I’m working my way through tutorials to get familiar with how Fuse works.

Perhaps sell the module with X months of support or support for x amount of minor versions.

So I guess I’m thinking of individual module subscriptions; almost like pay per view model.

How does the model work for the premium components? Say I subscribe for a month to gain access and support the product. At the end of the month, does the component stop working for me? If I complete my app in a month and make my build am I good to go unless I need to make repairs/modifications?

I want to support Fuse and understand it is a business, but as a solo developer mainly developing personal projects and very small commercial ventures, the cost is preventative.

As a suggestion, I’ll second @Andrew’s suggestion above about module purchase. And/Or maybe a Freelancer tier that competes more closely with the likes of Ionic’s – say $20/mo?

@Darrin: it works so that if your app uses a premium component, you need to have an active Pro subscription at the time of making a build. There is nothing that “stops working” on the app itself.

Hey Uldis, just a thought for the product team:

I think one of the first things that devs compare is Apple’s subscription price ($99/yr & $299/yr for Enterprise) to everything. I believe if you guys sold a subscription for say $199/yr (iOS & Android) for professionals that you would have more paid subscriptions and would probably draw a lot of your competitors users, if not disrupt the market. The more components covered would attract even more devs.

The amount of support needed doesn’t increase as its limited to the number of components you have.

Apart from that, you could sell more unified platform/value added services. e.g. Backend cloud services like what Parse use to do before being bought and dismantled by Facebook. You could even pick up from where they left:

Anyways, just a thought.

Thanks @Uldis!

@Andrew good suggestion.

It ultimately comes down to overall cost being a barrier to entry for smaller, startup devs that want to support the Fuse product. At the current price point/options, we’re left with simply doing a subscription for a month or two just to donate some $$$ to the cause – might as well just have a donate link! :wink:

You obviously know how to run your business better than we do – we are simply offering our perspective on the currently available plan options.

Thanks for the input, I’ve relayed it to the commercial team.