Cost for Professional Plan

I just started learning Fuse today and I’m really excited, and after 30 days I bet I’m going to want to continue using the Studio. I’m just giving feedback that $1,500/year seems a bit steep for one lonely programmer (me!) to pay. Seems more like an Enterprise-level plan cost.

Perhaps add an “in between” cost??

Hi Peter,

thanks for the feedback!

Let’s make this super clear: you can keep using Fuse after your Pro trial ends. All basic functionality will still work and you can keep building anything without any particular limits.

The exception is of course the Pro features - visual editing tools and Premium packages (Fuse Views, Charting, CameraView and Alive UX Kit).

Thanks, Uldis.

Will the real-time mobile preview keep working on my Mac?

BTW, as useful as they may be, I haven’t yet used the visual designer features of the IDE so those aren’t as important to me if they become disabled.

Will the real-time mobile preview keep working on my Mac?

Yes, it will. See the Plans.

Sorry, I need to learn how to read :wink:

Actually, though, for clarify, what exactly is disabled though with “Fuse Studio - Visual desktop tool suite?” Perhaps all those panels around the periphery of the real-time preview–those go away? Hopefully the output log panel will still appear? Thanks for your time.

Yes, it’s the panes on the left and right. The log is there on the free plan too.

You can simply log out of Studio at any time and you’ll see what it looks like :slight_smile:

How do you log out of Studio?

The only thing I see that gives that particular view is

Window > Compact mode

Is that what you mean?

Your Fuse account has the Studio trial linked to it, and you can log out of your account using the dropdown menu next to ‘Compact View’