C# View Models and PCL Support

I noticed that Fuse uses a C# subset (Uno) internally. Would it be possible to write viewmodels and other application logic in C# ? Moreover, support for (existing) Portable Class Libraries would also be nice ?

If this is not currenly possible, what would be the steps needed to get this to work right ?

I currently do a bit of development with Xamarin and Unity3d (I specialize in C# mobile apps). While Xamarin has very nice C# ‘code behind’ features, it falls short in the presentation layer. The world needs a better all-in-one C# mobile development platform.

I should add, Unity3d originally exposed javascript as its main coding language. This is now been mostly replaced with C# due to its richer language features.

Hi! Thanks a lot for your input.

It’s true, Fuse is written in Uno, a dialect of C# that compiles to pure C/C++.

However, Uno is not based on .NET, so PCL libraries etc won’t work.

We think C# is great, but we simply don’t have the technology to run arbitrary .NET libraries on mobile. For that you need something like Xamarin or Unity’s IL2CPP.

Fuse will focus on creating the best UI/UX system out there and make that work with existing tools and languages. So there are a lot of exciting opportunities in the future :slight_smile: But for now, JavaScript is our main focus.