Build server

Has anyone setup a build server to do remote builds for Fuse apps? I can build great on my laptop but it does almost lock up during build b/c the machine is taxed at 100%. Just wondering if anyone has some steps to do a local dev -> remote build scenario. Otherwise, I’ll just drop all the dev tools on a server I have and login via remote desktop to code/build so I can speed up the builds and offload processing from my laptop.


Hi Chris,

I’m not sure I understand your question, but we build Fuse apps on our build server all the time. You should be able to just install Fuse on the server, and build your apps normally from a script, just as you would do with any other CI job. Maybe I didn’t understand exactly what your problem is?

I see. That makes sense. I was just curious if in the Sublime / Tools / Build menu I could somehow point those build targets to remote server where the build would occur. But, I can just create some scripts to edit my source local and deploy to a server and invoke the CL build. Thanks

There’s no way to do that from Sublime out of the box, but our Sublime plugin is open source, so if you know a bit of python you could always add your own targets!