build in android studio with signature


I’ve been working with fuse-Xcode wo any problem but now i want to test my app in android devices.

The steps i followed in my mac:

Fuse: Build for android --> success

Android studio: Build --> Generate APK --> success

then i try to install the .apk to my android device using adb but i get an error as the .apk is not signed so i try to sign it:

Android studio: Buid --> Generate signed APK

and here i get the error: Gradle project sync failed Gradle ‘TrustMe’ project refresh failed Error:Cause:

i noticed that in the distributionUrl=https\://

and that url does not exist anymore.

How can i solve this problem?

If you simply want to test / run you app on Android then there’s no need to use Android studio at all. Simply do fuse build -tandroid -r from the commandline and it should autostart.

Then, if you want to properly sign the app later on (when it’s ready for publishing on google play) you can take a look at this:

Just to add a little extra context. The Android Studio build are not supported yet. We have a compiler flag to create them (for the dangerious curious :p) but they are not what you want to use to make shippable apps right now.

I am working on Gradle support right now and we hope to have some announcements in that area once we have this completed and heavily tested. As you can imagine we were only able to start this transition once we could be sure that the NDK support (and other miscelaneous features) was stable.

I can’t give you a solid date but we all want this ASAP and you will definitely hear about it when the feature ships.

Thanks for your post.