Build fuselibs locally and "ERROR: No input files"

Hello! I followed the instructions from and installed Mono+XCode+CMake. After that I run “sh” in the fuselibs directory, but get the following output:

Feeds used:

Restoring NuGet package FuseOpen.Uno.Tool.1.9.0.
Adding package 'FuseOpen.Uno.Tool.1.9.0' to folder '/Users/mattitihverainen/Fuse/fuselibs-master/Stuff'
Added package 'FuseOpen.Uno.Tool.1.9.0' to folder '/Users/mattitihverainen/Fuse/fuselibs-master/Stuff'
ERROR: No input files

Hello @Matti_Tihverainen, just type uno doctor on your project instead :wink:

Thank you Ahmed! Works great!

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