Nov 2019 - Mac - How to build an app with latest Fuselibs and Uno

Thought I would do a refresher on this:

  1. Install android build tools with npm install android-build-tools -g (

  2. Clone/download latest Fuselibs and Uno with your favourite git client (

  1. Compile Uno
    2.1. Get the prerequisites (Mono, Make, NodeJS and NuGet via mono) mono nuget.exe (Ref)
    2.2. Run make from terminal of the Uno folder
    2.3. Run make install from terminal of the Uno folder

  2. Setup latest Fuselibs with your project
    3.1. Create a file named .unoconfig in your project folder
    3.2. Enter the path to the fuselibs in the file on the first line like so:
    Packages.SourcePaths += /github/fuselibs/Source

  3. Run uno doctor in project folder to make sure your projects libs are up-to-date.

  4. Run or export as per usual

P.s. if I’ve left anything out, just let me know.