Bug on Android Version"8"


I do my App, and published it in App Store & Google Play Store.
My App work well and there’n no problem .

When mobile with these details as -below image- , Android Version “8.0.0”
![file](https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/fuse-legacy-forum-assets/Gui3h9mhFxVP-image-1521379977288.32.38 PM.png)

The App Crashed and Appear this !
![file](https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/fuse-legacy-forum-assets/uztqsoY5ZvVp-image-1521380173786.32.38 PM.png)

What could be the problem here? In this version of this particular device?
Are there any expectations? help ?


image file attached with my question appear to you ?

No, we don’t see either of the images.

Dear Uldis,

These are images. I attached them again.

What do you think?

It appears that you have physical access to the device in question? If not, you will need that.

What you need to do then is get a log and/or trace of the crash. You should run the app directly on the device via Android Studio with “fuse build -tandroid -d” command, and then selecting Run -> Debug in Android Studio. The debugger then should tell you what the cause of the crash was.

Once you do that, we might be able to suggest a solution.