Android 8.0 and the 'portrait' bug

I has been reported (here and here) that a app won’t start, will crash or won’t install under Android 8.0. A possibile cause is the portrait bug.

When in .unoconfig it is specified

"Mobile": {
    "Orientations": "Portrait"

the app will crash or won’t install. The bug may be solved by setting to false the string

<item name="android:windowIsTranslucent">true</item>



Unfortunately as of Uno 1.12.1 there is no easy way to fix it changing Uno libs. Changing the file that may be found in the folder


won’t work. The easiest way is to rebuild the app with Android Studio:

  1. Build a release version of your app
  2. Load the app in Android Studio as a project
  3. In the left pane open the folder /app/res/values and click on styles.xml
  4. Set windowIsTranslucent to false
  5. Build the app and grab the APK file from the /app/release/ folder in the /Release of your Fuse project
  6. If you want to Generate a signed APK choose V1 signature when asked