Authoring commponet [bazorwebview] and animations [vsblend] + web support + Shell Navigation

Hello , my question might be incorrect and probably missing some concepts so pardon me about that .

I like fuse framework and I’ve found some similarly with other frameworks / app models

Firstly ; I want to know if it’s possible to author custom UI component in ux like (Blazorwebview) which use Blazor as hybird app model and code the code behind is c# .

second thing I want to animate UX elements through Visual Studio Blend (if there’s possible way to expose vcl components in vs to or preferably using FuseX studio directly (timeline tool?)
I’ve seen some other native xml based GUI utilize this .

the third question is about shell navigation schema /manger which utilize web like url to go to any part of the app - bidirectional parameter and dynamic theming .

// just thought about web platform if we cloud somehow embed ux in razor / web canvus or even indirectly using wasm with some vdom_shadowdom or linkedom or any other method …
// couldn’t we use ux directly in web ? , the concept is that we could build components once then compile it to web custom element and ux