Navigating Using Uno

How do you guys navigate between pages using Uno? Thanks.

There is almost an infinte way to do this. One way to start is to create the navigation you’d like in UX and then run uno build and look in the .cache/GeneratedCode directory for how this is compiled to Uno.

And how to pass some parameters to the next page?

The recommended way to use Fuse is to have your business logic (model) in JavaScript and your views in UX. Although it is possible, and not even difficult to make your whole app using only Uno, that is not the supported way. This means that you will be expected to do a lot of research yourself, and have a broad understanding of programming, C# and mobile app development.

If you have specific Uno questions, where you have troubles solving a specific problem, and you have tried a solution, and have an almost working code example, you will not have any trouble getting help in the community.

You, however, are asking generic questions that can be solved in several ways, depending on a lot of factors, about an unrecommended way of solving things.