Apple Watch/Smart watch support

Are there any plans for Smart watch support? Apple tend to favour featuring apps which support Apple Watch in the app store, and sometimes it makes a lot of sense to use the apple watch. Is there any sort of rough guess on how far away this might be?



Sure, this is in the roadmap, however no promises yet about when that will ship.

Hey, are there any news about this?

We don’t have any schedule for watch-specific features as we’re still focusing on the core (phone) platforms.

Is there anything in particular you’re looking for? E.g. exporting apps for watchOS or interfacing between your phone app and a watch?

I vote for exporting watchOS apps as a start. I have an idea for a stand-alone, no data stream, watchOS app idea.

But communication between iPhone and Apple Watch would be cool.

Hey, are there any news about this?

No news. watchOS continues to be an interesting nichè, but we’ve had no real (as in: either in volume or intensity) interest in it and considering the large engineering, development and QA undertaking it would be to include it as an official export target, we haven’t prioritized it so far.

As for the communication between an iOS app made with Fuse and a watchOS app, this can be solved using Foreign Code.

Also, just as a personal take on something mentioned further up in the thread:

Apple tend to favor featuring apps which support Apple Watch in the app store

I don’t think that’s the case, and if it is, as they say on Wikipedia: “citation needed” :slight_smile: I would just focus on making a great app in and of itself, and not on external factors such as this.