App icon is always the default Fuse logo in (at least on android)

Since the app icon is always the default Fuse logo.

"Android": {
  "Key": {
    "Alias": "",
    "AliasPassword": "",
    "Store": "",
    "StorePassword": ""
,  "ApplicationLabel": "My label",
  "VersionCode": "$(VersionCount)",
  "VersionName": "$(Version)",
  "Description": "$(Description)",
  "Icons": {
    "LDPI": "Assets/android_LDPI.png",
    "MDPI": "Assets/android_MDPI.png",
    "HDPI": "Assets/android_HDPI.png",
    "XHDPI": "Assets/android_XHDPI.png",
    "XXHDPI": "Assets/android_XXHDPI.png",
    "XXXHDPI": "Assets/android_XXXHDPI.png"

This doesn’t do what it should.

I managed to create a release build with proper icons by replacing the default icons everywhere under build\MY_APP\app\src\main and running the build.bat

Ouch, that’s bad! I’ll make sure someone looks into this.

A fix for this will be available in the next Fuse release.

Fuse 0.9.9 is now released, and contains a fix for this issue.