How do I change the icon?

Hello! How to change the icon in the screenshot? Release version app. Android 7.0 MIUI 9.0.3 Xiaomi Note 4X. On the home screen is the correct icon.

"Android": {
	"Icons": {
	    "LDPI": "Icons/Icon-ldpi.png",
            "MDPI": "Icons/Icon-mdpi.png",
            "HDPI": "Icons/Icon-hdpi.png",
            "XHDPI": "Icons/Icon-xhdpi.png",
            "XXHDPI": "Icons/Icon-xxhdpi.png",
            "XXXHDPI": "Icons/Icon-xxxhdpi.png"

Hi Alexander.

If you want to change the push notifications icon, you can add these to your .unoproj file:

  "Android": {
    "NotificationIcon": {
      "LDPI": "ldpi.png",
      "MDPI": "mdpi.png",
      "HDPI": "hdpi.png",
      "XHDPI": "xhdpi.png",
      "XXHDPI": "xxhdpi.png",
      "XXXHDPI": "xxxhdpi.png"

Other than that, by default Fuse should be using a grayscale version of the app icon for push notifications, so it’s weird that it didn’t.

Working! Thank you! :slight_smile: