How to set the homescreen icon (Android)

How do I change the homescreen icon? I’m previewing for Android (Preview->Android) but I keep getting the Fuse homescreen icon instead of the chosen one. I thought I had to simply add the icon under the {Android/Icons} section in the .unoproj file as follows but it does not work.

    "Title": "Tsn",
    "Version": "0.9.4",
    "VersionCode": 1,
    "Android": {
        "VersionName": "$(Version)"
    "Android": {
         "Icons": {
             "LDPI": "Assets/logo_2.png",
             "MDPI": "Assets/logo_2.png",
             "HDPI": "Assets/logo_2.png",
             "XHDPI": "Assets/logo_2.png",
             "XXHDPI": "Assets/logo_2.png",
             "XXXHDPI": "Assets/logo_2.png"
    "Packages": [
    "Includes": [

The logo_2.png file is correctly saved into the Assets folder.

Huawei Honor 7 (Android 6.0), Windows 10 64bit, Fuse 0.35.0 build 10867

Ok, got it. The reason is explained here:

‘Note also that we only use your own icons for export, for preview you always get the Fuse preview icon.’