App Freezes after "Orientation Change" and using Swipe Slides / Page.Control

Since I’m using the PageControl to swipe through just two slides, and the Orientation get Changed,… the App is freezed when it should change its Orientation back.

(The first OrientationChange works, just the second one is the problem…)


Thanks for reporting this!

This is a known issue and it is in the queue for being dealt with.

Reading your post again I am not sure if I completely understand what you mean.

There are some known issues with orientation changes but I need more precise information to know if what you are experiencing is the same issue.


my Code was likely this:

<PageControl ux:Name="ThePages">
        <some elements.../>
        <some elements.../>

So, i had just 2 Pages, i could swipe through.

I started at the first page. Swiped to the second page and back (as often as i want). Then I changed the orientation (-> to Landscape) and still could swipe through the pages. But now, if the Orientation should change again/back (the second orientation change), the Smartphone/App got freezed on the android smartphone (sony xperia lt25i).

So, everything works fine, until the orientation should change a second time.