Smartphone freezes after orientation change

My Smartphone: Sony Xperia LT25i Android: 4.3

When I change the orientation of the App for the first time, it is still working.

Changing the orientation back to it’s initial state, the App freezes (looks like he’s hardly trying to change back, very weird view on the screen, a bit blurry and the view is a bit diagonally).

That happened at some Apps like the SocialMedia-Sample, some other Apps with more Pages - but i can’t really say on what Apps that happens (but mostly on “more complex Apps”).

Ouch! Thanks for reporting this. We have a couple of sony devices in the office so hopefully we can reproduce this, if not it may be shopping time :slight_smile:

I have opening a ticket for this and I’ll be back in touch as soon as we know more. We also have some big behind the scenes changes coming to UI in the next couple of weeks so hopefully it’s already resolved in there.

Thanks again!

Just so you know we are digging into this, it is reproducable on more of devices we have now so this should not take too long to find.

andreseku, I know this was from a long time back now but just a quick apology for not getting back to you on this. We cleared up a number of UI stability issues from when this was first posted, including some that affected rotation. I’m going to mark this tentativly closed but please yell at me here if you need it resurrected. Ciao