Webview in PageControls


So I am having this problem, apparently I can’t swipe from page to page if I’m on a webview. This works:

    <Panel Background="Red"/>
    <Panel Background="Blue"/>

this does not, I can´t swipe when I am on the webview

    <Panel Background="Red"/>
    <Panel Background="Blue">
            <WebView Dock="Fill" Url="http://www.google.com" />

The webview is stealing the input and preventes any swipe. This happens on iOS. Is there a workaround? Thank you.

You can probably use margin, and then users would have to swipe from the edges, or instead of using PageControl do something like: https://www.fusetools.com/examples/tab-bar-navigation

Actually I used that same example, that’s where I noticed the issue but just posted a simplified version. But I kinda liked the swiping.

About using margin, I don’t know if it’s going to be a pain down the road. So, it’s not a bug? is this supossed to happen?

Well it is a WebView, Fuse won’t know what site is being loaded, there are billions of sites out there, so it can’t tell whether to send the touch input to the site or not. So the best thing to do is to send it because it has no idea what the site is. Therefore I think its suppose to happen.

You could also make a panel that is docked to the left and right of each WebView and then have a SwipeGesture on each side panel that will activate the next/previous page?

Idk what you’re app looks like and what you’re trying to accomplish so idk how the user experience would be

I guess you are right. I’ll try that. Thank you.