Animations and shake functions

Hi, I have two things I’m stuck with when I’m developing my app. I have not found any really good documentation for how I do this.

  1. I try to do a function. When the user shakes his/her phone, to make an API call. The problem is that I can’t find so much written about how to do such a shake function.
  2. The second thing I want to do is to move an icon back and forth on the screen to indicate that you can shake the phone to make the API call in the first problem I listed. Same here I find nothing where it says how I do it.

Hi Jeremy,

To clarify, you’re trying to detect if the device is being shaken? There’s no pre-made function for that in Fuse as far as I know, but the community has been working on one: — it might be worth asking the author if he is willing to share his work.

For the movement of the icon, you should take a look at the docs: — it sounds to me like what you’re after is a simple Move animation, or perhaps a Cycle (

Thank you Bent, regarding the first link you sent, I’ve tried to contact the developer for a few weeks without getting a response.