Vibration API not working

EDIT: I cannot delete this post but here is the update: my phone’s vibrate function is dead. I assume there is no bug and I now have to find another phone…

I’m trying to get my phone to vibrate, but (at least on Android — I have no iDevice to test it on) I cannot get it to. I tried both using the

var Vibration = require('FuseJS/Vibration');

method as well as the <Vibrate Duration="1" /> effect, but none of them have any effect. I made sure to have the Fuse.Vibrate package included.

After adding a reference to “Fuse.Vibration” in my project file to use this feature and

var vibration = require('FuseJS/Vibration');

my app crush on Android. Full code goes here:

var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
var vibration = require('FuseJS/Vibration');

var isDialogShowing = Observable(false);

var Share = require("Share");

var useLanguage = "english";

var aboutString = "Created by Me.";
var okString = "Click";

var Device = require('Device');


if(Device.locale.startsWith('ru') || Device.locale.startsWith('RU')) {

function showDialog() {
	isDialogShowing.value = true;

Any ideas?