Could Someone Help me Improve Animations and Transitions in Fuse?

Hello everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have been highly impressed with the opportunity for creating beautiful and helpful user interfaces. After understanding the basic skills, I am excited to go deeper into complex animations and transitions to bring my app to life. But I am discovering several parts hard and I want some advice from the experienced programmers in this group.

  • How can I build professional animation in a combination in which many parts move, disappear, and zoom in collaboration? For example, I would like to animation an image that expands up and moves to another part of the screen while other parts disappear inside and about it.

  • What are the best techniques for controlling the movements of user interface parts between states? I am searching for ideas on how to move between a smaller and larger version of a part, with many elements animating in match

  • What should I maintain with me before working with some animations to attain maximum results? Are there any Fuse settings that can assist avoid delay for extensive videos?

  • I would like to include gesture-based activities that result in videos. Like sliding to dismiss an image, which will then animate out of view. How can I correctly connect motion to animations in Combine?

  • Can someone share cases displaying productive state control paired with smooth videos?

My latest project is productivity software with a focus on simple and flexible connections.
and also I have gone through some posts relevant to this But I did not get any solution because my goal is to make the UI not only working but also enjoyable to use. I am motivated :fire: by recent mobile applications that use complex videos to improve the user experience and want to create a similar result.

I would greatly appreciate any kind of help. :pray: Thank you in advance for your support

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Hello @Romana :dizzy:
That is such an interesting thing that you are doing, so if you take my advice what you can do is when you have to Conceptualize and Plan you first have to brainstorm ideas and one tip is that while brainstorming use diagrams. Now when you are creating graphics, design elements in tools like Figma and export in suitable format. Consider Framer Motion, Lottie, CSS, or Fuse and Use CSS transitions to connect motion to animations. And maintain clear state management. Good luck!! :+1: :+1: