Android status bar effects hitbox of elements

I have an app that enforces the status bar to be hidden using <Android.StatusBarConfig IsVisible="false"/>.

This seems to work (kind of).

When the status bar is visible (for many reasons such as the soft keyboard being visible, or swiping down from the top of the screen), the ‘hit’ box of elements are actually above the elements ‘render’ box.

This bug has been occurring for me before and during the 0.26 update.

Also, if you pull the android statusbar down (swipe down from top of screen) and then click on the app again, the status bar doesn’t hide again. This is really annoying, as i have this hit box bug too.

I’ve attached images that may explain the issue a bit better.
Green is render box, Red is hit box. Notice how the hitbox hasn’t shifted by the height of the statusbar (wild guess).


Sounds horrible!

We have not seen this behavior before and have no way of reproducing it. Can you please provide a complete test case and a list of devices where can reproduce this behavior?