Android statusbar invisible


has anybody issues with a running Android version app, in which you use a invisible statusbar ? Because on my Android (ver. 6) it does a such things, that when i use the invisible statubasr, it don’t open immediatly my application. It stay visible a screen with app buttons menu from where i cliked on a icon of my app.

Then, when i open a tasklist of running apps, there is the app visible and when i click on the app from this list … then is the app correctly displayed in fullscreen without the statusbar and i can work.

When i enable visibility of the statusbar for Android in the app, then the app always start correctly. This issue is only with Android. On iOS it works without issue.

I tested this issue also with the Hikr … and result is same.

Fuse version 1.0.0 (build 13426) MacOSX

Hi Donald,

please provide a complete, minimal reproduction that one could copy-paste and run to see what the problem is. Please also include details on OS you’re on, as well as device information that the problem is observed on.

This is Video, when app is compiled without statusbar

This is version compiled with statusbar

OS is Android 6.0.1

Hi Donald — those are videos, not code. :slight_smile:

Sry, i thought, that this is clear from my description.
Ok, only one thing which i changed in source code of Hikr.

In file MainView.ux

  • Version without statusbar
<App Background="#022328">
        <Android.StatusBarConfig Color="#022328" IsVisible="False"/>
  • Version with statusbar
<App Background="#022328">
        <Android.StatusBarConfig Color="#022328" IsVisible="True"/>

Hi, any progress in this issue ?