Inconsistencies between Preview and Build with Android.StatusBarConfig IsVisible

I have an app that uses Android.StatusBarConfig, like this: <Android.StatusBarConfig IsVisible="true" IsNavigationBarVisible="false" />

Basically, I want to display the top status bar, but mimic the navigation bar with my own UX. In Preview on deivce, everything works fine. The bottom system bar disappears and I can use mine (the app is just a lockscreen that mimics the system lockscreen):

But if I build the app and use it on my device, it’s as if I hadn’t specified anything. The app is resized and the system bar is always visible:

I might be using it wrong though, but if I’m not it might be a bug


I think there is a known bug with IsNavigationBarVisible. I’ve created an internal ticket for investigating this issue and cleaning up the API. Thanks for reporting.