Android preview does not update


I’ve SAMSUNG S4 phone connected to MAC through USB cable. I can perfeclty launch Android Preview from the SublimeText-V3 to test the app, but that only for the first time. When I make changes in the ux file and save changes, the Android preivew does not get updated automatically, while the local preview is updated immediately. Each time I have to close the app on the phone, relaunch the Android Preview and wait for the build / install process to complete before I can see the changes. What is that I’m missing?

Regards, Adil


For some reason, it just started working after I posted the issue :). However each time when I save changes, the screen is flashed (app disppear and for a second and the flashes back).

Anyway, it’s working!


Hi, great that you got it working!

The problem sounded like network speed issues. If the device has a bad connection then the update can sometimes be slow.

The quick flash during refresh is because the app is restarted so this is expected. :slight_smile: