And what about iOS "widget" extensions?

I’m really in loved with fuse tools :D, because is easy and at the same time really advanced with uno and the hability to use directly ObjC & Java for android.

I want to know if there is a path to follow to implement ios extensions?


I am not familiar with how that works, but I would guess it is a different kind of bootstrapping at the application level. So I think that is something you need to create as a separate iOS project. But it should be possible to get that to work together with an Fuse app. But as I said, I’m just guessing here.

Hi there amilcar,

Are you refering to App Extensions?

If you are then we are definitely looking at adding sharing. We have no roadmap for this currently but we do acknowledge this is something we need.

Thanks for the question btw :slight_smile:

p.s. We already have this if that’s of interest to you.

My original question was too broad, I’m making reference to this kind of extensions:

Since this is very iOS spesific, this is not in the immidiate plan, but thanks for the input.