Xcode Integration

Hi guys,

I’m doing some tests with integrating Fuse with Xcode and Android Studio.
I’m following the steps on Xcode and Android Studio Integration.

On Android Studio I was able to make an example work, but on Xcode on [Step 2: Setting up the native Library](https://fuse-open.github.io/docs/xcode-and-android-studio-integration/tutorial.html#step-2-setting-up-the-native-library,
after doing all the steps and trying to run the app I get:


I know this is only a warning, but if I keep doing the steps, at the end of Step 3: Bootstrapping Fuse Views I get:


I’m using the Swift tutorial.

Did anyone got this error before and can help me solve it?

Thank you in advance.

Hey @Ana_Almeida,

What you are willing to do, just integration or you need to add some fuse views for native app ?
If you’d like to extend you are native app i’m using another approach for doing that. So can you explain your idea ?

Seems you’re trying to build for x86_64, not ARM… Are you using the simulator, or a real device?

Hello Kusma,

Thanks for your reply.

I’m trying to use the simulator, as I want to test this in several devices.
I got my hands on an iPhone and tried to run what I have and it actually works.

Does this means that I won’t be able to test the app on the simulator or there is a workaround for that?