About class made by New Sketch Importer

  1. Not clickable

As you know, all of elements made by new sketch importer are not clickable, so for adding trigger in this class, user has to make invisible area(eg. background="#0000").

I know all of elements has same way if they doesn’t have background or color property. But when elements are filled, they can be clickable. Like this, Sketch.Class has to be clickable also. It is unexpected experience.

  1. Removing users markup when refresh sketch file

This is totally unexpected action. When I changed sketch file after writing ux markup, all of markup will be removed. If this is maintained, I have no idea why I have to use sketch importer.

Of course maintaining user’s markup in sketch class can make unexpected error, but it is more useful better than removing all of markup.

Regarding 2, that’s entirely expected behavior, see the docs: Fuse

Note: This integration is one-way ie: changes made in Sketch will reflect in Fuse, but changes made in Fuse won’t reflect in Sketch. Your Sketch files will remain the source of truth for these components.`