3D focus enhancer game called Vaka


Me and Subsquare made this little game with Fuse.

Vaka is a game for focused and stable mind. (or a mind that desire to become as such) You have ever decreasing amount of time to tap on a platonic solid. Don’t miss, but don’t hesitate either. Only true Jedi can reach higher levels. Smashing a solid produces a note on a Pentatonic scale, so while you’re playing you are creating an unique song.

Check it out my fellow Fusers :slight_smile:

iOS : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vaka/id1077345742?ls=1&mt=8

Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Vaka

In two days it has wasted 20 hours of peoples time. Not bad :wink:

Very nice game !

Good job, its simple but fun to play. I like the sounds +1

This is SO FUN SIMO!!

Dangerously addictive, I must say. My kids won’t leave it alone :slight_smile:

I really hate your game, cause dangerously addictive. damn you :smiley: Great job :smiley:

Thank you

Thanks guys <3

It’s my evil plan to waste as much peoples time as possible. Currently 30 hours wasted. This is only the time they spent playing over 10 solids, so the total waste of time is much much more :wink:

Would be an epic marketing material to create a several hours video where a finger is smashing a solid for 112420 times. hmm… not a bad idea actually…

@Simo: actually, I came up with an alternative play-mode for Vaka: Competitive Mode. Essentially, each solid smashed gets a value depending on how fast it was smashed after it appeared. Each consecutive solid smash is a multiplier of the former score. Or it can be each round.

That way, if you’re consistenly fast to smash the solids, you’ll be able to build up a massive score because your multiplier goes up too.

That’ll separate the mice from the men! :slight_smile:

Hmm I wonder how would it end?

Maybe there’s a energy meter that goes down all the time. Pressing them fast enough in a row would give you extra energy. For example if you manage to hit 5 solids in a row under some ms (this ms decreases slowly) you get that extra. Not hitting a solid or 0 energy would mean death.

A quick screen capture (MP4 file).

Thanks man! I’ll add this to stores.


Noob question: What did you use for the 3D part of the game? Not looking for a detailed answer but something to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @skezo !

Sorry the answer took so long. I’ve been really really busy with my new application.

I made a simple template that shows how to do 3D with Fuse. The 3D part needs to be a separate project, but all this can be packed into one. Only limitation is that you cannot use the preview with this 3D, or you can, but in order to make changes you need to recompile everytime. I suggest that you use the DotNetExe build for building your 3D and afterwards check how it works in your device.

Here’s the template: https://www.apexvj.com/upload/Fuse3D.rar

and you can build to DotNetExe with cmd : fuse build target=DotNetExe --run

This example shows how to control the “camera”. Click 3D point. Batch 100 cubes together and how to draw them. I tried to strip it down as simple as possbile, but still make it so that you can start expanding it on your own.

Fantastic. Thank you very much for the replay and putting together a template. Greatly appreciated.

I have updated the Fuse3D.rar to work with the latest 0.10 version. :slight_smile:

@Simo: would love for this to end up on Github or similar so it’s easy to share, and thanks a million for the effort and giving back to the Fuse community! :slight_smile:

@Simo: Cool game, and thanks for sharing that code with us. Agree with Bent, this should be in a Github repo somewhere, so it’s easy to find it.


Sorry, took a while but here it is https://github.com/simppafi/Fuse3DExample Also updated the code to work with latest release of Fuse.

Nice Simo, thanks! :smiley: