Hey all,

So, I wrote a simple app to learn fuse platform. It is now available in Android playstore.

Picminder https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.picminder

It is a very simple concept. You take a picture of something you need to remember. You set a note, due date and the app will send an email notification on due date. It also has search built-in to search through notes. It saves appropriately resized image saving you precious storage space.

My experience with fuse

Fuse was great. I tried to write the same thing using Xamarin.Forms and it was slow. Fuse is fast. Javascript makes sense. I am at home with Uno (C# background). I had to create couple of native bindings using Uno and uxl for resizing image, storage manipulation and for save to camera roll. Hopefully, as the platform matures, there will be less need for this and upcoming foreign code should make this easier. There is also no calendar control so I had to sort of hack together my own - ugly but necessary.

I am using azure mobile services as backend as I get some azure hours for free. This worked well with fetch api.

Wish list

  • Better camera api with ability to choose mediatype.
  • Save to camera roll/gallery api
  • Api to resize image keeping aspect ratio.
  • Calendar component.
  • Better storage api.
  • Sort and insert api for observable.
  • Share api to invoke platform default share options?
  • Pinch and Zoom gestures.


Coming soon. Works even better on iPhone but camera shows video option too and the app crashes if users select that - need to figure out how to disable it.

Ps: please remember this is very early work and I have tested only on galaxy S5. Let me know if it works for you guys. Leave a review :slight_smile:

Very cool! :smiley:

Very neat example. Congrats, I’m also trying to do something using Azure DocumentDB, ditched Xamarin after buying the licenses :(. Could you possibly post the code or samples of using Fuse with Azure?