Zigne - Statistical Significance

My first propper Fuse Tools app is finally ready for release.

It might not be a super advanced example of what you could possibly do after using Fuse Tools for several months, but that might not be the point of it either.
This is rather a very simple real-world example of what a single programmer can do using fuse without any particular design-experience.
I believe it demonstrates how easy the workflow is, even though we still don’t have any of the graphical design tools which I’ve heard are coming sometime in the future.

Release Anouncement: http://eepurl.com/bAC6Wv

App website: http://www.andersware.com/zigne/


Zigne is an app for calculating whether a result from a sample is statistically significant or not.

Observations which can be tested with this app are:

  • the percentage difference between two results from the same sample
  • the percentage difference between results from two different samples
  • the percentage of one result from one sample
  • the difference between two series of party measurements
  • the difference between two averages

The app is based on a program made by Bernt Aardal and Frode Berglund which is available from Bernt Aardal’s website.


  • It’s 100% free, no in-app advertisement, altough I do have ads on my website
  • A very quick and easy way to check whether a statistic change is significant or not
  • Android & iOS app for portability
  • WebGL app for everyone who does not have Android or iOS devices (I’m aware it’s not fully supported)
  • The very best of programmer-art

If there is interest in seeing the source-code I may be willing to share it granted that no-one republish it somewhere else without my concent.

Thank you for your interest!
Anders Jakob Sivesind

I just downloaded and installed this, pretty cool stuff! I admit I don’t really know much about stats, so I’m not entirely sure how to use it, haha. However, that led me to discover the little “i” buttons that let me to the online docs; nice touch! Love seeing this kind of thing. Keep it up man!!