Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile Support


Was thinking, as a developer, who also develops for the Windows Phone platform…is fusetools ever going to support emulation on a Windows based device.

Never say never, but it’s not in our current roadmap, no. Right now we’re focused on Android and iOS and we want to make those two really shine before we take on any more export targets. :slight_smile:

I honestly feel like Windows Mobile is the next best thing in the world of mobile applications. With the advent of Universal Windows apps, #Fusetools supporting prototyping and emulation of apps for Windows would be a great thing, and will give great fanfare to both this tool and the platform too. :wink:

Yeah, Windows Phone and Windows UWP wil be a great feature. I’ll wait for it.

Just to chime in on this again (and sorry for being a bucket of cold water here :), but Windows/UWP export is not on our roadmap. It might change if circumstances dictate them to do so, but right now we don’t have any plans to expand our export options at all – iOS and Android are our targets.

you guys should be able to use the .net export, and use a (3gb) tool from Microsoft that transforms .net applications to UWP apps.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s not quite as easy as that Chris. :wink: But, as mentioned before: Windows/UWP is simply not on our current roadmap (for a number of reasons), and it’s unlikely to change in the near future.

I tottaly understand you, I just said that to them if they desperately want to export fuse apps to UWP they might be able to do that with that tool.